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DC Hub-Link allows multiple Direct Connect Hubs to be linked so that users connected to any of those hubs see all users on all linked hubs as part of a larger virtual hub.

This is done by having a script in each Hub that interacts with the Hub-Link Bot. The Bot signs on to each of the Hubs as a "user" and relays activity between the hubs.

For Hubsofts without a support script Hub-Link creates a Multi-Hub Chat Link only.

Support Scripts completed: NMDC v1, SDCH
Support Scripts coming soon: PtokaX, OpenDCHub, Ryalth, SBHub


Based on MHC-Bot by FLiXD
LockToKey, File Access, String Functions and XML Classes by TasMan

TasMan donated countless hours of slave labour reviewing code, answering questions about VB and providing guidance on coding techniques and style. His contributions to this project are immeasurable.

Thanks to ButterflySoul for answering hundreds of questions, providing snippets of code for accessing the UserDB in SDCH, and helping to optimize the SDCH Support Script.

Scriptless Multi-Hub Chat inspired by the MYC Mod of Hub-Link *Beta 2* by Motta_Ita
GUI overhaul inspired by the ZION Mod of Hub-Link *Beta 2* by CrazyKiller.
Portuguese translation of SDCH and NMDC Scripts by [PT]CableGuy
DC Hub-Link Logo by Loomy

This program would not exist without the help and patience of the Alpha Testers:
Snertius, EvilEd, AllSwede, angry, chmoo, mi5, Yahoo, Gomax, DosMan
and all the users of The SHArE Network.

This program would not work as well as it does without the help and patience of the Beta Testers:
[PT]Cableguy, Bolek, Bruneo, Nedvev, infinite and jabarlee

I might have gone crazy trying to do this without the feedback, ideas and support of:
Coolnut, Spike Johanson, Jagdmeister and Penguin.

Thanks also to countless generous people on:
Planet-Source-Code, DC++ The New Decade, DC++ Forums and DC++ Dev. Hub.

Thanks to allinflames for his help with ImageMaps for this web-site.

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